See below for a preview of what your field trip will include.
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When you first arrive you'll board a hay wagon for a fun 20 minute winding Hayride through the "Fall Forest". This hayride will actually take you into the woods. It is quite beautiful with the sun shining through the trees! No one else offers a hayride like this one. The woods are beautifully decorated with scenes from the fall.
A few of the highlights that you will see are:
  • Scarecrow school
  • Squirrels gathering acorns
  • Blackbird Alley
  • Looney Tunes Lane
  • Kandy Korn Drive
  • A Scarecrow community
PLUS you will be amazed at the Native American and Pilgrim village with teepees and cabins and as you are leaving the woods there is even a scene with Santa Clause to get you ready as we transition from the fall to the Holidays. Sooo Much FUN!
Next, walk down the docks and feed the HUGE catfish in our 11 acre lake. The fish come to the surface to eat. You’ll wish you had your fishing pole. This is always a highlight of the fieldtrip for kids, they squeal with delight as many of them see live fish in a lake for the very first time!
Catfish food is included in your fieldtrip.
One of the sure signs that it is fall is of course… Scarecrows. They are fun to look at but even more fun to build! You will choose the face, the clothes, the hat and even fun accessories for the scarecrow that your class will build. It will be boys against girls. We will also allow time for parents and teachers to take pictures with your masterpiece!

While this will be fun you will also learn the history of scarecrows and what their purpose was. Are you ready !

You can’t miss this authentic Native American Teepee by the lake. The Horse and buffalo artwork on the sides are not to be missed. But looking at it is just the beginning. You will hear a short explanation about how the Native Americans lived and hunted for their food and clothes. We even have real animal furs that could have been used for blankets or clothes. You may touch and feel them then you will be invited to walk inside the teepee.
Spiders Maze: You will see live tarantulas (in a cage). Learn about the different body parts of a spider. Learn how many different types of spiders there are and what they have for lunch! Then stroll through the maze.
Gi-Normous Pumpkins: Have you ever seen such a HUGE pumpkin? We have several of them. You will learn all about these orange October giants, guess their weight and have time for pictures.
Then, proceed to our Animal Petting Area and feed the anxiously awaiting farm animals. We provide the animal feed for your class.
From there you'll go to an area for washing your hands. You may bring your lunch and stay for a picnic by the lake under a Covered Pavilion.

Don’t forget to visit the pumpkin patch before you leave.

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